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R17.12-1 RE: Transportation of Workers - Crew Cars, Buses and Crummies - Seating Design

Policies Part 17 - Crew Cars, Buses and Crummies

Policy Item R17.12-1
RE: Transportation of Workers - Crew Cars, Buses and Crummies - Seating Design

1. Explanatory Notes
Section 17.12 sets out the seating design requirements for crew cars, buses and crummies used to transport workers.

2. The Regulation
Section 17.12:

A worker transportation vehicle must be equipped with seats that

(a) are safely located and securely attached to the vehicle, with a width of at least 41 cm (16 in) for each passenger and an upholstered seat and seat back which provide normal and comfortable seating for passengers,

(b) face to the front or rear of the vehicle, unless installed otherwise by the vehicle manufacturer, and

(c) provide a spacing of at least 66 cm (26 in) measured between the face of the seat back at seat level and the back of the seat or other fixed object in front.

Where seats are installed facing each other, each seat will be considered the "fixed object in front" for purposes of section 17.12(c) and the spacing of at least 66 cm (26 in) will be measured between the face of one seat back at seat level and the front edge of the facing seat.

EFFECTIVE DATE: April 1, 2001
AUTHORITY: s.17.12(c), Occupational Health and Safety Regulation
HISTORY: Housekeeping changes effective September 15, 2010 to delete practice reference and make formatting changes.
Replaces part of Policy No. 28.12(1) of the Prevention Division Policy and Procedure Manual
APPLICATION: This Item results from the 2000/2001 "editorial" consolidation of all prevention policies into the Prevention Manual. The POLICY in this Item merely continues the substantive requirements of Policy No. 28.12(1), as they existed prior to the Effective Date, with any wording changes necessary to reflect legislative and regulatory changes since Policy No. 28.12(1) was issued.

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