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Not everyone is eligible for registration with WorkSafeBC. To determine if you meet the eligibility requirements to register with WorkSafeBC, you must submit an application. This page will help you make sure you have the information you need before you get started.

The application process

By completing and submitting an application, you are actively applying to purchase WorkSafeBC insurance coverage. Once we receive your application, we require approximately 10 business days to gather information, review your application, and notify you of our decision.

Information you need to provide

A correctly completed and accurate application is needed to assist the WorkSafeBC officer in making a decision about your businesses eligibility. You'll need the following information:

  • The full legal name of your business, or of the owners if you’re registering under a partnership or a proprietorship
  • Your incorporation number, date, and jurisdiction if you operate a limited company
  • Your business number from the Canada Revenue Agency, if you have one
  • The name and WorkSafeBC account number (if applicable) of any affiliated business
  • The name(s) of people or businesses you provide your services to
  • The year, make, and model of major equipment used to generate revenue
  • An estimate of your payroll if you hire workers
  • The start date of operations and of your first worker if applicable
  • The email address and contact details for your business
  • The names, birthdates, and contact information of all proprietors, partners, and active shareholders

Reviewing your application

Once we have received your application, a WorkSafeBC officer will review your business operations and decide whether you meet the eligibility requirements for registration. Some of the things the officer will review include:

  • If you operate as a  self employed proprietor, partner, or limited company (or any other type of  legal entity)
  • What services or products your business provides
  • Who you provide your services to
  • If you have workers and, if you do, how much you pay them
  • If you supply any major equipment or materials
  • If you have been registered before under a different business
  • If you are working with related businesses

If you are eligible for registration with WorkSafeBC, the officer will make decisions that include:

  • Whether you are an independent firm or meet the labour contractor criteria
  • Your classification unit and corresponding premium
  • The date your coverage comes into effect

Notifying you of our decision

Once registered, you will receive notification in the mail confirming your account number, classification unit, and the effective date of your coverage.

If you are not eligible for registration with WorkSafeBC, the officer will send you a letter letting you know about the decision. If the officer decides you are a worker, you will have the benefit of workers’ compensation coverage through the firm(s) you are providing your services to.

Apply online, by mail, or by fax


Applying online will take about 20 to 30 minutes. Once you've entered and submitted your information, you'll get a confirmation number by email to confirm your application has been received.  Your application will be reviewed by a WorkSafeBC officer to determine if you are eligible for registration.  You will receive notification of the officer’s decision by mail.

To protect your privacy, the system times out after 20 minutes if there's been no activity. Your information can't be saved and re-opened later so be sure you have everything you need before you begin.

Please note that once you have submitted your online application you cannot submit another online application for the same business within a two week period.

Apply online

Mail or fax

First, download the appropriate form based on the coverage you need:

Then, mail us the completed form(s). Once your application has been reviewed by a WorkSafeBC officer we will notify you by mail of your account number or you will receive a letter letting you know if you are not eligible and why.

Cost of coverage

Your WorkSafeBC insurance premiums protect you from lawsuits related to worker compensation for work-related injuries and illnesses in B.C.

The cost of your coverage is based on your industry’s base premium rate, your firm’s assessable payroll, and your firm’s net experience rating.

To learn more about each of these factors and see the formula we use to calculate the cost, visit Know how much coverage costs.

Need more information?

We're here to help. Please contact our Employer Service Centre.