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Benefits & services

If you are recovering from a work-related injury or illness you may be entitled to receive compensation and support. We provide several different types of benefits and services depending on your situation. Our goal is to minimize the impact of a workplace injury or illness by helping you get back to work.

You may receive health care treatments, compensation for time missed from work, and other services to support your recovery and return to work. In the case of permanent disability or death, we may provide vocational rehabilitation services and specialized benefits and services for workers and families.

When do benefits start?

While every situation is different, in most cases health care benefits start immediately. Compensation for lost wages usually starts with the first regular work shift missed. For example, Susan was injured on Wednesday morning and missed the rest of that day’s shift and all of Thursday. She normally works full shifts from Wednesday to Saturday. Her wage-loss benefits would begin at the beginning of Thursday’s shift (the first shift missed after the day of the injury).

How long do benefits continue?

Wage-loss benefits usually continue until you are able to participate in modified work or return to your usual duties.

Health care services may continue beyond the date you return to work if additional treatment or services are required to support your recovery.

Your responsibilities while receiving benefits

You can support your recovery by doing the following:

  • Attend all medical examinations or treatment sessions recommended by your doctor
  • Follow the recommendations of your health care providers
  • Depending on the nature of your injury, talk to your health care provider about activities you can do at work and/or at home, as well as activities you should avoid. Share this information with your employer and discuss ways you might change your duties or adjust your schedule to be able to continue working.

In addition, please contact us:

  • If there is a change in your medical condition
  • As soon as you return to work in any capacity or earn income
  • If your employer offers you modified, alternate, or transitional work while you’re unable to perform your regular duties