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Submit a Notice of Project form

As an employer, by law you must notify us in writing before you begin certain projects. You can do this easily online with our Notice of Project (NOP) form. How much notice we require depends on the type of project you’re planning.


Type of project Notice required
Construction (OHS Regulation 20.2)
At least 24 hours
Asbestos or lead removal (OHS Regulation 20.2 (1)(c))
At least 24 hours
Forestry projects expected to last more than 5 working days (OHS Regulation 26.4)
At least 24 hours but not more than 30 days
Diving (OHS Regulation 24.9(1)(a) to (f))
At least 24 hours
Aircraft operations (forestry) (OHS Regulation 29.16)
At least 2 weeks
Underground workings (OHS Regulation 22.6)
At least 30 days

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