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Submit a Notice of Project form

Before starting work activity on certain projects, owners, prime contractors, and/or employers are required by the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation to send us written notice. You can do this online with our Notice of Project (NOP) form. How much notice we require depends on the type of project you’re planning.

Not sure if you need to submit an NOP? Learn more about the requirements.


Type of project Notice required
Construction (OHS Regulation 20.2)
At least 24 hours
Asbestos, lead or other similar exposure work activity (OHS Regulation 20.2.1 (1))
At least 48 hours
Forestry projects expected to last more than 5 working days (OHS Regulation 26.4)
At least 24 hours but not more than 30 days
Diving (OHS Regulation 24.9(1)(a) to (f))
At least 24 hours
Aircraft operations (forestry) (OHS Regulation 29.16)
At least 2 weeks
Underground workings (OHS Regulation 22.6)
At least 30 days

Information you’ll need before starting your submission

Before you start, ensure you have the names, addresses, emails, and phone numbers for owner, prime contractor, employer, person in charge of the project, and consultants, if applicable. You will need this information to complete your submission.

When submitting a Notice of Project for Asbestos, lead or other similar work activities, you will also need to submit the documents required by OHS Regulation 20.2.1(4) (e.g., safe work procedures and hazardous materials surveys prepared under section 20.112, if applicable). Please have these documents available in electronic form at the time of submission.

New Notice of Project submission form now available

To address employer feedback and aging technology, we’ve updated and improved the Notice of Project online submission process. The enhancements include customized forms for each type of project, google address search, the ability to upload supplementary documents associated with your NOP, a pdf confirmation that can be saved or printed, an email confirmation (when an email address is provided), and no form time-out. As of March 20, 2019, the form also supports multiple location projects and additional GPS formats to help locate the worksite.

Please note that for each submission, only one activity type can be selected.

For more information about the updated form, please see Changes to the online Notice of Project submission process.

Submit NOP

If you experience any difficulties with the new form, the link to the pre-January 31, 2019 NOP form is available here until June 5, 2019. Access old NOP form.

Please note the old form expires after 35 minutes of inactivity, and your information will not be saved.