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Before starting work activity on certain projects, owners, prime contractors, and/or employers are required by the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation to send us written notice. You can do this online with our Notice of Project (NOP) form. How much notice we require depends on the type of project you’re planning.


Type of project Notice required
Construction (OHS Regulation 20.2)
At least 24 hours
Asbestos, lead or other similar exposure work activity (OHS Regulation 20.2.1 (1))
At least 48 hours
Forestry projects expected to last more than 5 working days (OHS Regulation 26.4)
At least 24 hours but not more than 30 days
Diving (OHS Regulation 24.9(1)(a) to (f))
At least 24 hours
Aircraft operations (forestry) (OHS Regulation 29.16)
At least 2 weeks
Underground workings (OHS Regulation 22.6)
At least 30 days
Close proximity blasting operations expected to last more than 3 days (construction) (OHS Regulation 21.88) At least 24 hours

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Information you’ll need before starting your submission

A separate NOP is required for each project type (e.g., removal of hazardous substances prior to a construction project requires two notice of projects to be filed).

Before submitting your NOP, be sure you have the names, addresses, emails, and phone numbers for worksite owner, project prime contractor, employer doing the work, and person in charge of the project. You will also need the worksite address, driving directions to the worksite (if necessary to reach the worksite), and some knowledge of the scope of work.

When filing a Notice of Project for Asbestos, lead or other similar work activity, you will need to submit your safe work procedures and hazardous materials survey, as required by OHS Regulation 20.2.1(4).

Please note: If the requirements of OHS Regulation 20.112(2) do not apply to your project, please submit an alternative document explaining why a hazardous materials survey is not required. Please identify the Category type of this document as “Hazardous materials survey". A risk assessment explaining how the safe work procedures were determined to be sufficient to protect workers should also be included when a hazardous materials survey is not provided.

You can submit the following files types: doc, .docx, .dot, .pdf, .rtf, .txt, .wpd, .wps, .jpg, .csv, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, png. Each file must be less than 20 MB and the total size cannot exceed 100 MB.

Blasting operations can result in flying material beyond the bounds of the worksite. This is especially hazardous when the blasting is conducted in close proximity to buildings and other structures that may be occupied. A new set of provisions (sections 21.86-21.93) under OHS Regulation 21: Blasting Operations addresses the risk of flying material and other hazards when blasting near potentially occupied structures. These revisions include the requirement to submit a notice of project for close proximity blasting operations expected to last 3 days or more.

The NOP submission form for Construction has been updated to allow the online submission of close proximity blasting information. This includes indicating the employer responsible for conducting the blasting operation, the contact information for the blasting professional that created the written plan, the contact information for the certified blaster of record, a declaration with respect to the development and availability of the blasting written plan, and an option to include the blasting written plan as part of the NOP submission.

Any feedback may be included on the anonymous feedback form available on the confirmation page following NOP submission.

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