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Hiring someone to work in your home

Whether you own or rent, when you have work done in or around your home, you may need to register for insurance as an employer and you may have safety responsibilities under the Workers Compensation Act.

Hiring and registering

If you’re hiring someone to work in your home, you may need to register with WorkSafeBC. It depends on who you are hiring, what they are doing, and how long they work for you. To learn more, visit our homeowners page.

Hiring an independent business

If you are a homeowner hiring an independent business, you are not an employer and therefore, not eligible to register. Find out more about what that means for you.

What you get for your coverage

Employers and workers both receive benefits from WorkSafeBC coverage. Watch this video to find out how WorkSafeBC coverage benefits you.

Consequences of not registering

If you hire workers to work in or around your home, you become an employer of those individuals. Watch this video to find out more about what consequences an employer may face if not registered for WorkSafeBC coverage.

Reporting an injury

When someone suffers a work-related injury or disease, we're here to help. Learn more about what to report and the claims process.


Employers who commit health and safety violations may receive administrative penalties — monetary fines. Learn more about when penalties are considered.

Your safety responsibilities

Everyone in the workplace plays a role when it comes to safety. Whether you’re an owner, employer, or worker, you have responsibilities. Find out what your safety obligations are when you are an owner and/or an employer hiring people to work in and around your home.

Health and safety resources

Follow the links below to see health and safety resources for the type of work you're getting done in your home.

Renovating your home is an investment in your future. As with any investment, you should protect yourself against loss in every way possible. So, if you hire an individual or business to work in or around your home, be sure to check your registration requirements with WorkSafeBC or it could end up costing you more than you had planned. You may also need to provide notice to us before the work starts.

Health and safety resources:

Whether you do the maintenance yourself or hire a qualified individual or business, consider the following hazards in your house.

Domestic workers generally work in private homes and provide a variety of services including child care, housekeeping, gardening, cooking, and chauffeur services. Some of the hazards they may face are listed below.

Domestic cleaners

Gardening/lawn maintenance



In-home care providers face household-related hazards such as slips, trips, and falls, as well as the potential risk of violence. Review these resources to see your responsibilities when you hire in-home care.