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Submitting a response to a complaint

Because the burden of proof is on employers to show there has been no prohibited action or failure to pay wages, your response to a prohibited action complaint is crucial.

We will let you know when it is time to submit your formal response.

Submitting your response form

First, download and complete a Prohibited Action – Employer or Union Response form.

You can then submit your Prohibited Action Complaint documents using our secure, online portal.

Submit online

Tips for meeting our requirements in your response


We ask that your response be clear and specific. Include as much detail as possible.

We require the following:

  • Detailed account of the event in question
  • Written, signed statements from witnesses
  • Copies of any relevant documents
  • Full names and job titles of people involved
  • Relevant dates, times, and places


We follow a process when prohibited action complaints are submitted, starting with a preliminary inquiry (if more information is required), then voluntary mediation, then adjudication. If the complaint goes to adjudication, you are given an opportunity to respond, at which point the worker can respond to your submission. A fair adjudication process depends on timely responses from you and the worker.