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Bid opportunities

We follow a fair, open, and competitive process with suppliers interested in doing business with us. Our goal is to obtain the best value for products and services. You can view all of our bid opportunities and awarded bids online at BC Bid. Be sure to review our policies and terms before submitting your bid response.

Automatic bid notifications

You can sign up to be notified by email when we post new bid opportunities for the following:

Bid documents

The bid documents posted for each opportunity provide the information you need to submit a valid response for evaluation, as each bid document is unique to each opportunity.

If you're submitting a bid response, please check BC Bid regularly for any addendums we may post in addition to the original bid documents. Addendums may be posted up to the time of the bid closing.

View available bids

Some bid documents will explain how you can receive updates and addendums to bid documents. Please read these instructions carefully.

When preparing your bid response, be sure to follow the format requested in the bid documents. This will help ensure your submission is valid.

Submitting your bid

Bid documents always list the closing date and time for submissions, and explain when, where and how to submit your bid.

Using BC Bid

Learn more about how to use BC Bid and view and manage opportunities with WorkSafeBC.

How to use BC Bid

  1. 1


    Register with BC Bid to see opportunities and to manage the bid process.

  2. 2

    View opportunities

    All of our bid opportunities are posted on BC Bid. You can use BC Bid to view, download, respond to and manage responses to WorkSafeBC opportunities. To see WorkSafeBC opportunities:

    • When you’re on BC Bid, select Browse for Bid Opportunities or Bid Results, which will take you to the Browse Opportunities page.
    • Choose Browse opportunities by organization and select WorkSafeBC to view our current bid opportunities.
  3. 3

    Submit a bid response

    Bid documents always list the closing date and time for submissions, and explain when, where and how to submit your bid. You can submit a bid response two ways:

    • eBidding: To use this, you need an account on BC Bid. Once you’re registered, you can submit or revise responses to bids, and attach and manage documents.
    • Print responses: A print response can be sent to WorkSafeBC unless otherwise specified.
  4. 4

    After a bid is closed

    You can check BC Bid to see who has submitted a bid and, when awarded, you can see the successful bidder.

Request for bid debriefing

Our procurement process is done in a fair, open, and transparent manner. If your bid is unsuccessful, you can request a bid debriefing.

We’ll explain our evaluation process and how your bid was evaluated based on our criteria. You’ll also get insight into how to improve your future submissions.

Please note: We can only offer a bid debrief within 30 calendar days of the contract award notification.

To make a request, please submit a Request for Bid Debriefing.

Need more information?

Please contact our Procurement Services team with any questions about the bidding process.