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Distracted driving

According to ICBC, approximately 960 crashes occur every day in B.C., many of which are caused by distracted or inattentive driving. Attitudes towards the risk represented by distracted driving, and the use of electronic devices such as cellphones, are the leading causes of distraction-related crashes and near misses. Employers are responsible for preventing the use of cellphones and other electronic devices while their workers are driving on the job.

The risk

Distractions create situations and hazards that can be prevented. When combined with a constantly-changing road environment, performing other tasks while driving can result in errors that can have tragic results.

Reducing the risk

There are four things employers can do to reduce the risk of distracted driving on the job:

  1. 1

    Create a policy and safe work practices

    Create a policy and safe work practices that clearly spell out the expectations on the use of electronic devices.

  2. 2

    Communicate the policy and practices

    Provide your workers with the necessary information, instruction and training, and supervision. Communicate the policy and practices to your managers, workers, and contractors — often. Let them know that they can't talk on the phone or text while driving for work.

  3. 3

    Support your workers

    Tell your customers that staff can't answer calls or texts while driving. Have your workers create an "I'm behind the wheel" voice message before they begin driving.

  4. 4

    Set an example

    Never use an electronic handheld device or adjust a GPS unit while you're driving.