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Services for families coping with a work-related death

Our staff can help those who lose a family member to a work-related accident or occupational disease. We can also help when a family member is dying from a work-related injury or illness. We may be able to offer you counselling, funeral benefits, and pension benefits.

Benefits for families

We may be able to pay benefits if a worker's death is a result of a workplace accident, occupational disease, or related to a claim we have accepted.

In those cases, the following benefits may be provided:

  • Monthly pension benefit for the surviving spouse, based on the worker's earnings. This benefit continues for the spouse's lifetime
  • Monthly benefit for a dependent child up to the age of 19. Benefits may continue to age 25 if the child regularly attends post-secondary school
  • Funeral benefits
  • Grief and vocational counselling for the surviving spouse
  • Grief counselling for the dependent children

If a family member is dying of a work-related disease, we may be able to provide medical equipment, home care, and separation and loss counselling.

Applying for benefits

To apply for benefits, please contact our claims team and ask to speak with our sensitive claims coordinator. They will explain the process and answer all your questions.

You will need to provide the following information about your family member:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Date of death
  • Social Insurance Number (if available)
  • Employer's name

Who might contact you

In addition to hearing from our sensitive claims coordinator, you will also be contacted by one of our case managers. They will give you information about the financial assistance and other benefits that might be available to you and your family.

If there is an investigation into the work-related accident, someone from our Family and Critical Response Unit will contact you to offer assistance through the accident investigation process.