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Motion picture & television industry

Loan-out companies providing services to the industry

Motion picture and television production companies generally engage in a contract with a loan-out company (LOC) where the LOC shareholder's services are "loaned out" to a production company for the duration of a production.

When an LOC shareholder provides labour services to a production company, the shareholder becomes a worker of the production company the LOC is contracting with.

An LOC that has workers, provides major equipment, or takes on contracts outside of the motion picture and television industry is required to register with WorkSafeBC. LOCs that do not meet the requirements for independence to register with us will not have an account established.

For more information, including frequently asked questions, see Loan-Out Companies and Production Firms in the Motion Picture and Television Industry.

Incorporated production companies

Production companies operating in B.C. are required to register with WorkSafeBC as employers. Production companies that have signed onto one of the master or collective agreements between producers and unions in the motion picture and television industry may be eligible for extended coverage.

Performers in starring (or above-the-line) roles

If you're not operating through an incorporated company and you're a performer in a starring (or above-the-line) role, you may benefit from Personal Optional Protection, which provides valuable coverage for eligible individuals.