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Benefits of coverage

WorkSafeBC insurance coverage is a no fault insurance system that protects both the employers who pay for it and the workers who receive benefits.


WorkSafeBC collects insurance premiums from employers and registered firms and in return the employer or registered firm receives benefits that include the following.

No-fault protection

Your insurance protects you from lawsuits by workers who are injured on the job.

WorkSafeBC insurance protects employers from being sued by workers for injuries which occur during the course of their employment. This means that workers give up the right to sue employers in the event of a workplace injury in exchange for covering the cost of health care and rehabilitation services as well as wage loss benefits.

Tools and expert advice

We provide resources and consultation to help you with injury prevention, workplace safety, and disability management and return to work programs for injured workers.

Collective liability

Like other types of insurance, the costs of claims are shared by those in your industry, so you never have to bear the full cost of a claim.


Every worker in BC is automatically covered for any work-related injury, illness, or disease. When workers suffer work-related injuries, illnesses, or diseases, we offer benefits and services that include compensation and support for their recovery, rehabilitation, and safe return to work.

WorkSafeBC insurance will protect a worker from a lawsuit by another worker who is injured on the job.