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Spousal coverage

A spouse of a self employed proprietor is not automatically considered to be working in their spouse’s proprietorship. This is because, with family relationships, more information is required to determine whether a contract exists and whether that contract is for employment or more closely resembles a partnership.

If you and your spouse are working together in a partnership, you can both apply for Personal Optional Protection.

If you are working for your spouse's self employed proprietorship as a paid worker, you may be eligible for Voluntary Spousal Coverage. Without this coverage, spouses of proprietors are not covered by WorkSafeBC. "Spouse" includes common-law relationships.

Please note that voluntary spousal coverage is not applicable to partnerships or limited companies.  Spouses who are paid workers of partnerships or limited companies are automatically covered as workers and their wages are assessable.

Interested in buying coverage?

  • If you haven't registered for an account with WorkSafeBC yet, use our online registration form and select the type of coverage you want. You may have the option of purchasing voluntary spousal coverage as part of this process.
  • If you already have an account with WorkSafeBC and wish to add voluntary spousal coverage, please download the Application for Voluntary Spousal Coverage and submit it by mail or fax.