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Learn about employers' responsibilities

In exchange for the benefits of your WorkSafeBC coverage, you have the following responsibilities as an employer. You need to register for coverage, pay premiums, report your payroll, contact us about changes to your business, provide a safe workplace, report injuries and diseases, and investigate incidents.

Apply for insurance coverage

If your business hires workers (full-time, part-time, casual, or contract), you need to register so workers are covered in the event of a workplace accident or illness. Learn how to apply for coverage.

Know who you are required to cover (contractors)

If your business hires contractors, it is important to know that some contractors may be your workers. This means you would be responsible for them as their employer and you would be required to pay premiums for their WorkSafeBC coverage. Learn more about responsibilities for contractors and subcontractors.

Report your payroll and pay premiums

The workers' compensation system is funded by premiums paid by employers. These premiums pay for the costs associated with work-related injuries and diseases, including healthcare, wage loss, rehabilitation, and administration.

Once a year, you need to submit an Annual Payroll Report and Payment (formerly Employer Payroll and Contract Labour Report) to us. If you have a quarterly account, payroll is submitted five times per year. This helps us ensure your business pays the right amount in premiums. Learn more about the benefits of coverage and how to report payroll and pay premiums.

Contact us about changes to your business

Some changes to your business could result in a new classification or a change in your insurance premium. If you expand or close your business, or start a new line of business, you need to let us know right away. You can change your account details by logging on to or signing up for our online service, or contact our Employer Service Centre for assistance.

Provide a safe workplace

You're responsible for protecting the health and safety of people who work for you. This means complying with the Workers Compensation Act and the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation. Learn more about your responsibilities to maintain a safe workplace.

Report injuries and diseases

If someone who works for you becomes ill or injured at work, you're responsible for transporting him or her to get medical treatment and paying for the transportation costs. You also need to report the injury to us within three days of the incident. Find out how to report a workplace injury or illness.

Report and investigate certain incidents

Whether or not an injury to a worker occurred, you must immediately report certain incidents to WorkSafeBC. The employer must also conduct an investigation of these incidents, along with other incidents outlined in Section 69 of the Workers Compensation Act, and submit a full investigation report to us within 30 days of the incident. Learn more about requirements for reporting incidents to WorkSafeBC and conducting an employer investigation.