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Young Worker Speakers Program

Speakers with unique expertise and experience are available through the Young Worker Speakers Program. The program is focused on health and safety of youth on the job. It was developed with the understanding that the best way to inform young workers is to hear from peers who have experienced a serious workplace injury themselves.

Detailed contact information is available for each speaker, so you can choose the speaker that best matches your audience. You can also learn more about the members of the speakers' program in our brochure.

The program was created primarily to assist secondary schools and Parent Advisory Councils (PACs) interested in young worker health and safety. Schools or classes interested in booking a speaker should email WorkSafeBC. Please allow between two and three weeks lead time, ahead of your preferred date, to book a speaker.


Each of our speakers has experienced a life-changing injury on the job and has a story to tell — about their injuries and things they wished they'd done differently. The reality is that their injuries were all preventable, had the workers been better informed about safety and their rights before beginning work.

Each presentation can be combined with a 15-minute video, Lost Youth, to fill the equivalent of one period of class time. Each speaker has an accompanying biography, so schools and classes can choose the presentation that best meets their needs.

Nick Perry

Josh Dueck

Michael Lovett

Matthew Bowcott

Mark Johnson

Jessica Kruger

Jack Thomas

Mike Shaw

 Our prevention officers are available to talk to students in grades 10, 11, and 12 about health and safety in the workplace. Officers can share their extensive knowledge and experience with your group, with the goal of helping reduce the number of young people injured at work.

To book a speaker in the Lower Mainland, please contact the WorkSafeBC office in your area by calling 604.276.3100. Outside the Lower Mainland, call our toll-free line at 1.888 621.7233. Ask for the regional manager for prevention in your area.

The BC Federation of Labour represents 500,000 members of affiliated unions in more than 1,100 locals, working across every aspect of B.C.'s economy.

BCFED's Health & Safety Centre Young Worker Program, Alive After Five, is funded by WorkSafeBC to educate young workers and students in occupational health and safety issues. The program provides participants with the necessary tools to understand and exercise their occupational health and safety rights and responsibilities. On the BCFED website, the resources section includes contact information for scheduling a presentation at your school.