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Goggles, glasses, and eyes

Sight is one of your most important senses. More of your brain is devoted to sight than to all the other senses. So it only makes sense to protect your eyes.

Eye protection prevents flying objects, debris, splashes, and fumes from hitting your eyes. It can also filter out damaging light. Ninety percent of all workplace eye injures can be avoided by using proper eye protection.

How to protect yourself

  • Use only approved eye protection.
  • Wear the correct eye protection for the job. Impact goggles won't protect you from laser light or chemical splashes.
  • Inspect eye protection to make sure it's in good condition and you can see clearly with it on.
  • Make sure the eye protection fits: Goggles may fit tightly around eyes to keep out chemicals (splashes and fumes). Frames and lenses are shaped to fit difference faces, even over eyeglasses.

Learn more

Visit Eye & face protection to find guides, videos, and other information on this topic.

Remember, whether you’re at work, school, or home, staying safe is your most important job. If you see something unsafe, you have a right and responsibility to do something and talk to your supervisor, teacher, or parent about it.

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