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Exposure prevention guides

Young workers face many hazards in their jobs. Sometimes the hazards are obvious, but sometimes young workers may not even see the dangers that can make them sick. Chemical fumes and vapours, noise, and airborne particles can present serious exposure risks that could affect their health now and potentially years or even decades down the road.

These guides — for teachers and young workers — raise awareness of the occupational exposure hazards that put young workers at risk of injury and disease.

For educators

If you are a career educator, or if you teach Planning 10, Applied Skills, or technology education, download or order the educator's guide to learn more about how youth respond to workplace exposures and how you can help raise awareness of the hazards they face.

For young workers

If you are a young worker, download or order the young worker guide to learn about exposure risks in your workplace, as well as your rights and responsibilities.

* To order copies of the Young Worker Exposure Prevention Guides, email us at: