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Helmets and hard hats, aka brain buckets

Brain BucketIt's all about kinetic energy, and the energy of moving objects. The more kinetic energy an object has, the more damage it can do if it collides with your head, so cover up with a hard hat or helmet. They reduce the amount of kinetic energy the head and brain receive by spreading and absorbing much of the impact.

Engineered for safety

Here are some of the ways helmets and hard hats are designed to protect you:

  • The smooth, tough outer surface lets objects slide off.
  • Air filled foam compresses (or even cracks) to absorb energy.
  • A brim or visor protects you from the weather, and ventilation keeps you from overheating.

Helmets are designed for a specific job. A bike helmet is designed for a single collision, while a hockey helmet is designed for many.

Did you know?

Hard hats and helmets expire and wear out. Check your protective headgear – it may be time to replace your hard hat or helmet.

How to protect yourself

Hard hats save lives and reduce the chance of serious injury. Always wear protective head gear when there is a danger of being struck by a falling or flying object.

Learn more

Visit Safety headgear to find guides, videos, and other information on this topic.

Remember, whether you’re at work, school, or home, staying safe is your most important job. If you see something unsafe, you have a right and responsibility to do something and talk to your supervisor, teacher, or parent about it.

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