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Tools are extensions of your mind and your hands that help you create amazing things.

What's in your toolbox?

Some tools, like a sewing machine, a drill, or a solidering iron, require training and practice to use them safely and well. Learning to use them will let you try more elaborate projects and work with more challenging materials.

Tools can also be computers that you can use to code a robotic pet, build the internet, or design beautiful animations. Or, they can be simple everyday objects like clothespins, tape, and recycled packaging materials. Try out new ways to use the materials around you.

What about tools that you can't hold in your hand?

Brainstorming techniques for example, are tools that help you imagine new possibilities for a story, an engineering challenge, or a musical composition.

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Visit Tools, machinery & equipment to find guides, videos, and other information on this topic.

Remember, whether you’re at work, school, or home, staying safe is your most important job. If you see something unsafe, you have a right and responsibility to do something and talk to your supervisor, teacher, or parent about it.

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