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Inspections & prevention activities

As part of our initiative to reduce the serious injury rate by applying resources and effort where they will be most effective, WorkSafeBC officers are inspecting workplaces and conducting consultation and education activities.

Activities Details
Information and resources
Q1–Q4 2021-2024
  • Provide information and resources to employers and workers through various means, including worksite inspections and consultations by WorkSafeBC prevention officers, engineers, and human factors specialists
  • Provide educational presentations to industry stakeholders, to assist them in their assessment and control of their risks
  • Work with employers and workers to help them develop risk models related to their processes and enable them to identify human and organizational factors and critical risks, and implement critical controls to effectively manage their risks 
  • Communicate and work with other regulatory agencies, where applicable, to ensure a coordinated approach to stakeholders' approach to risk management
  • Ensure transparency and consistency with respect to risk control and compliance expectations with all stakeholders
Q1–Q4 2022-2024
  • Complete phase 2 inspections focusing on key hazards for wood products manufacturers, including pellet mills, OSB and MDF plants, Biomass energy, waste-to-energy process facilities, pulp and paper sector employers as well as selected chemical manufacturers
  • Conduct phase 1 and 2 inspections for selected oil and gas facilities as well as follow-up inspections, consultations, and education
  • Conduct phase 1 and 2 inspections for selected refineries, smelters, and large breweries