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Inspections & prevention activities

As part of our initiative to reduce the serious injury rate by applying resources and effort where they will be most effective, our officers are inspecting workplaces and along with our consultants conducting consultation and education activities.

Inspections and prevention activities

Activities Details

Inspections — Falls from elevation involving a ladder

Expanded inspection initiative on falls from elevation involving a ladder in sub-sector 72 (General Construction)
Q1–Q4 2024

Inspections focused on:

  • Fall protection anchor selection and use
  • Fall protection systems
  • Ladder use
  • Scaffolding and work platform use
  • Mobile work platforms
  • Working from elevated fix structures (e.g., roof)

Inspections — Struck-by mobile equipment

Enhanced inspection initiative on preventing struck-by incidents involving workers on foot working in proximity to mobile equipment and/or vehicle
Q1–Q4 2024

Inspections focused on:

  • Leading edge work
  • Mobile equipment
  • Contact with hand and power tools
  • Contact with building materials

Inspections — Musculoskeletal injury (MSI) and repetitive strain injury (RSI)
Q1–Q4 2024

Inspections focused on education and consultation for:

  • Overexertion and RSI injuries
  • Manual handling

Consultations and education activities

Industry outreach
Q1–Q4 2024

Employer and worker consultations focused on:

  • Recognition of fundamental health and safety roles and responsibilities
  • Understanding of the purpose and elements of the Construction Planned Inspectional Initiative
  • Awareness of the tools, resources, and support available to promote safety on our construction pages

Industry support and collaboration:

  • Continue to assist, support, and partner with the BCCSA, BCACS, BCCGA, BCMSA and other external stakeholders like the Canadian Home Builders, on the WorkSafeBC Construction HRS, including health and safety webinars and forums
  • Collaborate and communicate with the appropriate health and safety associations to discuss the HRS focus and identify partnership opportunities
  • Develop resources related to data analysis for focus areas