WorkSafeBC Planned Inspectional Initiatives

WorkSafeBC’s Planned Inspectional Initiatives (previously known as High Risk Strategies and Industry Initiatives) identify and target industries and employers with a high risk of serious workplace injury and a significant contribution to the serious injury rate and the time-loss claims rate.

Through these initiatives, we support effective management of risks by examining and promoting occupational health and safety basics and specific areas of high risk for particular industries. Our initiatives take place over multiple years and are reviewed annually to make any necessary adjustments to ensure employers and workers continue to focus their efforts on key areas of risk.

Select a link below to learn more about our focus for these initiatives in the coming year. In addition to these initiatives, we also manage other health and safety risks and support other industries through a variety of other prevention activities.


Each initiative focuses prevention activities on identified areas of high risk in order to apply resources and effort where they will be most effective. Our prevention efforts may include inspectional activity, employer consultations, outreach, and educational programs and materials. You can see more detail on our inspectional and prevention activity for specific initiatives through the above links, or you can learn more about what to expect from a WorkSafeBC inspection.