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Inspections & prevention activities

As part of our initiative to reduce the serious injury rate by applying resources and effort where they will be most effective, our officers are inspecting workplaces and conducting consultation and education activities.

Activities Details
Focused inspections
Q1–Q4 2024
  • MSIs in seedling and ornamental nurseries and vineyards
  • Falls from movable ladders (this may also include fixed ladders, work platforms, lofts, elevated storage areas, safe access, floor openings, guardrails, roof structures, etc.)
  • Falls on the same elevation (slipping and tripping hazards, accumulations of waste materials, etc.)
  • Animal handling, worker training, and condition of animal enclosures
  • Struck-by potential injuries (animals, materials, products, equipment, machinery, etc.)
  • Identification of and access to confined spaces and other hazardous locations
  • Informal and formal health and safety programs (including training records)
  • Documented new and young worker training (including seasonal workers)
  • Tractor safety (ROPS, seat belts, PTOs)
  • Equipment and machine safeguarding and lockout
  • Storage and use of pesticides and other chemicals including overexposure to concentrated pesticides
Farm labour contractor vehicle inspections
Q2–Q3 2024
  • Joint inspections with Commercial Vehicle Safety Enforcement and Labour Standards
Consultations and education activities
Q1–Q4 2024
  • Consult with employers regarding their obligations to educate and train workers in the risk of MSIs and in the control measures to reduce that risk