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Construction High Risk Strategy

The Construction High Risk Strategy (HRS) is designed to reduce the construction industry’s serious injury rate and the high volume of claims by taking a "risk-based" approach. The construction general injury rate and serious injury rate are consistently higher than overall provincial injury rates. Serious injuries account for approximately 19 percent of claims in construction.

Our goals

The goals of the 2021-2023 Construction HRS are to:

  • Reduce the high volume of claims and prevent serious and fatal injuries in the construction industry

Our focus

Construction Focus

  • Falls from elevation
    These injuries continue to drive the serious injury rate in construction.
  • Struck-by mobile equipment
    Struck-by injuries also continue to drive the serious injury rate and are currently surpassing falls from elevation in the number of injury claims.
  • High voltage limits of approach
    Working in proximity to high voltage power lines is a high risk work activity and inadequate controls continue to put workers at risk of serious injury or death during the construction phase of building structures and during ongoing maintenance of building structures.
  • Musculoskeletal and repetitive strain injuries (MSI and RSI) 
    Overexertion and repetitive strain injury are the main accident types driving the number of musculoskeletal injury claims in the construction industry.

Crane and ODI

  • Tower cranes and mobile equipment
    See our Crane Initiative information for details on our focus and activities. 
  • Occupational Disease Initiative
    See our Occupational Disease Initiative information for details on our focus and activities.

Partnerships and collaborations

We will work with internal and external stakeholders, such as the BC Construction Safety Alliance (BCCSA), to encourage and foster communication to proactively respond to evolving industry challenges and emerging risks.

What you can do

A healthy and safe workplace is a shared responsibility. The following resources will help you better understand and address some of the health and safety issues to focus on in your industry. For more resources and information, please visit our Construction pages.