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Invoice troubleshooting

Our goal is to have payment to you within 30 days of receiving your invoice. If your payment hasn't arrived or wasn't for the amount you expected, our Payment Services team can help.

I've received a letter requesting invoice corrections

If you have questions about the corrections required or need more information, contact our Payment Services team. Otherwise, follow the instructions in our letter and resubmit your invoice.

I want to know if my invoice has been processed

If you sent your invoice through our Provider Portal, you can track it through the portal.

If you mailed or faxed your invoice and you included an invoice number, you can check your payment status online.

Check invoice payment status

My invoice hasn't been processed

If you've checked the status of your invoice and it hasn't been processed, and it's been more than 30 days since you submitted it, please do not send your invoice again. Instead, contact our Payment Services team.

My invoice was rejected or not paid in full

If an item has been rejected or only partially paid, we'll provide a three-digit Explanation of Benefits code. This tells you why the item was not paid as invoiced.

If you mailed or faxed your invoice, the code is on the remittance statement we mailed to you. You can also see the code when you check the status of your payment online.

If you submitted your invoice using the Provider Portal, you'll find the code by looking up your invoice on the portal.

Need more information?

For inquiries about an outstanding payment, contact our Payment Services team.