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Invoicing and payment

Our goal is to pay you as quickly as possible. You can help us by following the instructions on GST and PST and by getting to know our payment terms. You may also want to sign up for direct deposit. Your contract or authorization letter explains our invoicing requirements.

Applying GST and PST

It's your responsibility to determine if the services or goods you supply to us are subject to taxes. When reporting taxes on your invoice, please do the following:

  • Include your GST or PST registration number
  • Indicate whether each service or good delivered is subject to taxes. You can do this by specifying the tax amount for each. Or you can use a clear indicator such as a "P" for PST and "G" for GST, or a checkmark, to show which items are taxable.

This information is essential to us. If you include one total amount for taxes without indicating which taxes are applicable to each service or item, we'll have to return your invoice. If that happens, please add this information and resubmit your invoice.

If you have questions about our requirements for invoicing GST or PST, please contact our Payment Services team. For any other tax enquiries, please contact your accountant, a tax professional, or the relevant government agency.

Receiving payment through direct deposit

Direct deposit allows us to make payments directly into your bank account. To sign up for this service, please complete our Request for Direct Deposit form 19D1

Direct deposit is set up by payee number. If your firm uses more than one payee number, you'll need to complete a Form 19D1 for each one.

We'll process your application and set you up to receive direct deposits. Once that's done, you'll receive payment notifications by mail.

If you have questions about direct deposit payment, please contact our Purchasing Services team.

How long before you get paid?

We typically pay within 30 days of your invoice date. We make payments once each week, on Wednesdays.

If you've billed by mail or fax, we'll send you a remittance statement. If you've billed by the provider portal, the invoicing section in the portal will be updated to reflect payment.   

If any items on your invoice are rejected, we provide a three-digit Explanation Code explaining the reason.