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Report & pay for your clients

If you're an accountant or other service provider who reports payroll on behalf of clients, you can submit payroll reports and make payments for your clients using one of the following methods.

Changes to assessable payroll practices

To simplify the calculation of assessable payroll and better align with the practices of the Canada Revenue Agency, WorkSafeBC has made changes to our assessable payroll reporting practices. These changes took effect January 1, 2024, and apply to the 2024 year onwards. Learn more.

Online services account

You can ask your clients to grant you access to report their payroll and pay premiums through their online WorkSafeBC account. This option may be convenient if you do not want to collect account numbers and payroll report IDs for each reporting period.

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Fast File & Pay

You can use our Fast File & Pay application to report your clients’ payroll and pay their premiums online. We recently enhanced and improved it to include the ability to report for multi-class employers and to save contact information during a single browser session, which will facilitate reporting payroll and paying premiums for multiple clients.

You can use Fast File & Pay without having to log in to a WorkSafeBC account, but you will need your clients’ account number and payroll report ID for each current reporting period.

Access Fast File & Pay

Information you'll need

To submit a client's payroll and pay their premiums, you'll need:

  • The client's account number and payroll report ID (found in the top right corner of the payroll report form)
  • The client's payroll records for the previous year or quarter, including:
    • The total wages and salaries paid to workers, including Shareholders' earnings.
    • A record of payments to contractors or unregistered subcontractors in the previous year or quarter, along with their names and addresses. In some circumstances, an equipment allowance may be claimed against unregistered subcontractors' earnings.
    • The names of workers and active shareholders who have earned more than the maximum assessable earnings for the reporting year (the maximum is listed on your form).
    • For quick reference aids on assessable payroll, see Appendices A, B, and C in our Assessable Payroll Practice Directive.

Either Visa, MasterCard, or American Express credit card information, if you’re making a payment on behalf of a client. Employers should keep a record of the names of workers and active shareholders who've earned more than the maximum assessable earnings for the reporting year (the maximum is listed on your form).

Maximum wage rate

WorkSafeBC assesses up to the maximum wage rate for each individual included in an employer’s assessable payroll. Any earnings which exceed the maximum wage rate are referred to as excess earnings and are excluded from the employer’s assessable payroll. The calculation for excess earnings is included in Step 1 of the Annual Payroll Report employers are required to submit each year.

Paying premiums for your clients

You can make your client’s payments in the following ways:

Fast File and Pay or online services account
Online credit cards payment limited to $10,000 or less.
At your nearest WorkSafeBC office
Visit the office location closest to you to pay. All offices accept payment by cheque and money order. Our Richmond office also accepts payment by debit card, credit card and cash. Credit card and cash payments are limited to $10,000 or less.
By mail
Please ensure you include your payment stub and write your e-banking number on the front of your cheque. The cheque is payable to: WorkSafeBC Assessment Receivables, PO Box 9600 Stn Terminal, Vancouver BC V6B 5J5. Please allow five days for processing.