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Table of Effective Dates & Application of Published Compensation Policy

How do you know what a policy said on a certain date and when it changed?

WorkSafeBC’s Policy, Regulation and Research Division created and maintains the Table of Effective Dates and Application of Published Compensation Policy.

The table provides information about changes to published policies in Volumes I and II of the Rehabilitation Services and Claims Manual (“RS&CM”). It sets out historical and current information about each published policy, including:

  • policy reference number and title;
  • Board of Directors’ resolutions that approved changes to the policy;
  • the effective date for each policy change;
  • the application statement of the policy or policy change.

The table reflects policy changes that have been made since June 30, 2002.

The table provides links to the applicable resolution of WorkSafeBC’s governing body. Where applicable, the resolution attaches a copy of the published policy that was added, deleted or amended by the resolution. Within the resolutions, additions are shown in bold and deletions as strikethrough.

Please note the table is not published policy of the Board of Directors. It is a reference tool and guide only. Although effort has been made to ensure that the table is accurate and up-to-date, if the table and a resolution of the governing body of WorkSafeBC conflict, the resolution will govern.

This table will be regularly updated to reflect resolutions of the Board of Directors. To ensure you have the most up-to-date information regarding the published policy of interest, read the resolutions of the Board of Directors made after the last update of the table.

Table of Effective Dates and Application of Published Policy

Chapter 1 Scope of volumes I & II of this manual (policy items sections 1.00 - 2.23)
Chapter 2 Workers and employers covered by the Act (policy items 3.00 - 8.10)
Chapter 3 Compensation for personal injury (Items C3-12.00 - C3-23.30)
Chapter 4 Compensation for occupational disease (policy items 25.00 - 32.85)
Chapter 5 Wage-loss benefits (policy items 33.00 - 35.40)
Chapter 6 Permanent disability awards (Volume 1 - policy items 36.00 - 45.61, Volume II - policy items 36.00 - 46.61)
Chapter 7 Protection of and deductions from benefits (Volume I - policy items 46.00 - 51.20, Volume II - policy items 47.00 - 51.30)
Chapter 8 Compensation on the death of a worker (Volume 1 - policy items 52.00 - 63.70, Volume II - C8-52.00 - C8-63.00 (policy items 52.00 - 63.70 prior to December 31, 2003))
Chapter 9 Average earnings (policy items 64.00 - 71.60)
Chapter 10 Health care (Items C10-72.00 - C10-84.00)
Chapter 11 Vocational rehabilitation (Volume I - policy items 85.00 - 91.20, Volume II - policy items 85.00 - 91.20 & C11-85.00 - C11-91.00)
Chapter 12 Claims procedures (policy items 92.00 - 105.30)
Chapter 13 Review and appeals (policy items 100.00 - 107.20 & C13-100.00 - C13-104.00)
Chapter 14 Changing previous decisions (policy items C14-101.01 - C14-105.01)
Chapter 15 Advice and assistance (policy items 109.00 - 109.30)
Chapter 16 Third party / out-of-province claims (policy items 110.00 - 112.40)
Chapter 17 Charging of claim costs (policy items 113.00 - 115.34)
Chapter 18 Retirement benefits (Volume II policy items C18-116.00 - C18-116.30)