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RS&CM, Volume I (former policies)

Policies prior to June 30, 2002

Volume I of the Rehabilitation Services & Claims Manual (“RS&CM, Volume I”) contains the policies on compensation and rehabilitation for injured workers and their dependants that WorkSafeBC had in place immediately before significant changes were made to the Workers Compensation Act on June 30, 2002.

These policies generally apply to claims with a date of injury before June 30, 2002.  The scope policy in Chapter 1 of either Volume explains when claims with a date of injury before June 30, 2002 will be administered using the current policies of the RS&CM, Volume II.

RS&CM, Volume I

The RS&CM, Volume I is set out below in Adobe Acrobat portable document format (PDF).  The PDF files reflect the current printed manual, and include the most recent updates issued January 1, 2016. The RS&CM, Volume I is divided into chapters.  You can access the complete manual, or each chapter individually. Bookmarks/links within the documents will only work if the PDF files are maintained together in one folder/directory.

Rehabilitation Services and Claims Manual, Volume I

Complete manual (blank pages have been included for double-sided printing) RSCM Volume I 
Table of Contents
Scope of volume I of this manual (policy item #1.00 - 2.20) Chapter 1
Workers and employers covered by the Act (policy item #3.00 - 8.10) Chapter 2
Compensation for personal injury (policy item #12.00 - 24.00) Chapter 3
Compensation for occupational disease (policy item #25.00 - 32.85) Chapter 4
Wage-loss benefits (policy item #33.00 - 35.40) Chapter 5
Permanent disability awards (policy item #36.00 - 45.61) Chapter 6
Protection of and deductions from benefits (policy item #46.00 - 51.20) Chapter 7
Compensation on the death of a worker (policy item #52.00 -63.70) Chapter 8
Average earnings (policy item #64.00 - 71.60) Chapter 9
Health care (Items C10-72.00 - C10-84.00) Chapter 10
Vocational rehabilitation services (policy item #85.00 - 91.20) Chapter 11
Claims procedures (policy item #92.00 - 100.73) Chapter 12
Appeals (sections 101.00 - 105.40) Chapter 13
Reopenings and reconsiderations (policy item #106.00 - 108.50) Chapter 14
Advice and assistance (policy item #109.00 - 109.30) Chapter 15
Third party / out-of-province claims (policy item #110.00 - 112.40) Chapter 16
Charging of claim costs (policy item #113.00 - 115.32) Chapter 17
Index of retired decisions from volumes 1-6 (decisions no. 1-423) of the Workers' Compensation Reporter Appendix 1
Occupational diseases listed in schedule B – #25.21 policy item #6(4) Appendix 2
This appendix has been deleted Appendix 3
Permanent disability evaluation schedule – policy item #39.10 Appendix 4
Formulae for recalculating pensions under policy item #24 – 42.32 Appendix 5
Maximum fines for committing offences under the Act Appendix 6
This appendix has been deleted Appendix 7
Reference index Reference index

Update package for the RS&CM, Volume I

The update packages include all individual replacement pages required to keep your printed RS&CM, Volume I up to date.

Archived versions of the RS&CM, Volume I are also available.