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Workers Compensation Act – Compensation Provisions for Claims

"Compensation Provision" is a defined term.

Compensation Provision is defined in section 1 of the Workers Compensation Act (Act), and means a provision of:

(a) Division 3 of Part 1 – Scope of Compensation Provisions;

(b) Part 3 – Workers’ Compensation System;

(c) Part 4 – Compensation to Injured Workers and Their Dependants;

(d) Part 5 – Accident Fund and Employer Assessment; and

(e) Part 6 – Review of Board Decisions.

Section 1 also provides other definitions, which apply throughout the whole Act.

The following table provides links to the Divisions of the Act specifically relevant to compensation, and related Schedules.

Division Title Act Sections Division
Part 1 – Scope of Act
Interpretation 1 1
Scope of Compensation Provisions 4 to 8 3
Part 4 – Compensation to Injured Workers and Their Dependants
Compensation for Injury, Mental Disorder and Occupational Disease 134 to 146 1
Compensation in Relation to Work Outside British Columbia 147 to 148 2
Reporting of Injury or Disease and Process for Claiming Compensation 149 to 154 3
Vocational Rehabilitation, Health Care and Other Assistance 155 to 164 4
Compensation in Relation to Death of Worker 165 to 189 5
Compensation for Worker Disability 190 to 207 6
Worker’s Average Earnings and Earning Capacity 208 to 219 7
Average Net Earnings of Workers 220-222 8
Transitional 223 to 229 9
Compensation Payments and Other General Matters 230 to 238 10
Schedules Related to Compensation Provisions of the Act
Schedule 1 – Presumption of Occupational Disease Related to Specific Process or Industry
Schedule 2 – Non-Traumatic Hearing Loss

In addition to the "compensation provisions" of the Act, some sections of Parts 7 – Appeals to Appeal Tribunal, and 8 –Workers’ Compensation Board and General Matters, also apply to claims matters. The BC Laws site provides an unofficial electronic version of the Workers Compensation Act. The Province holds copyright and the official, printed version of the Act can be obtained from Crown Publications.