Compensation-Related Mileage Rates

The circumstances of when WorkSafeBC pays transportation costs as health care, including the rate we pay for transportation based on mileage, is set out in policy item C10-83.00, Transportation, in Volumes I and II of the Rehabilitation Services & Claims Manual.

The mileage rate for health care-related transportation costs in item C10-83.00 is adjusted annually on January 1st of each year to the maximum tax-exempt mileage allowances as determined by the Canada Revenue Agency, pursuant to the Canadian Income Tax Regulations.

Current mileage rate

The mileage rate, effective January 1, 2024, is $0.70 per kilometre (2024 President's Confirmation).

Mileage rates for previous years

Historical mileage rates are maintained on this site for research purposes.

Mileage rates

January 2023 $0.68 per kilometre 2023 President’s Confirmation

The mileage rates prior to 2023 can be found in the President’s Approval on Claims-Related Consumer Price Index (CPI) Adjustments.