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RS&CM, Volume II (current policies)

Policies on or after June 30, 2002

Volume II of the Rehabilitation Services & Claims Manual (“RS&CM”) contains WorkSafeBC’s current policies on compensation and rehabilitation for injured workers and their dependants.  The RS&CM, Volume II is published in Adobe Acrobat portable document format (PDF).  The PDF files reflect the current printed manual.

RS&CM, Volume II

The RS&CM, Volume II is divided into chapters.  You can access each chapter individually, or in a single PDF containing all of the files.  Bookmarks/links within the documents will only work if the PDF files are maintained together in one folder/directory. These PDF files can be printed and downloaded.

Rehabilitation Services and Claims Manual, Volume II

Single PDF available for printing complete manual (blank pages have been included for double-sided printing) RSCM Volume II
Table of Contents
Scope of volume II of this manual (policy item #1.00 - 2.20) Chapter 1
Workers and employers covered by the Act (policy item #3.00 - 8.10) Chapter 2
Compensation for personal injury (Items C3-12.00 - C3-23.30) Chapter 3
Compensation for occupational disease (policy item #25.00 - 32.85) Chapter 4
Wage-loss benefits (policy item #33.00 - 35.40) Chapter 5
Permanent disability awards (policy item #36.00 - 46.16) Chapter 6
Protection of and deductions from benefits (policy item #47.00 - 51.20) Chapter 7
Compensation on the death of a worker (Items C8-52.00 - C8-63.00) Chapter 8
Average earnings (policy item #64.00 - 71.40) Chapter 9
Health care (Items C10-72.00 - C10-84.00) Chapter 10
Vocational rehabilitation (Items C11-85.00 - C11-91.00) Chapter 11
Claims procedures (policy item #92.00 - 100.83) Chapter 12
Appeals (Items C13-100.00 - C13-102.00) Chapter 13
Reopenings and reconsiderations (Items C14-101.01 - C14-105.01) Chapter 14
Advice and assistance (policy item #109.00 - 109.30) Chapter 15
Third party / out-of-province claims (policy item #110.00 - 112.40) Chapter 16
Charging of claim costs (policy item #113.00 - 115.34) Chapter 17
Retirement benefits (Items C18-116.00 - C18-116.30) Chapter 18
Index of retired decisions from volumes 1-6 (decisions no. 1-423) of the Workers' Compensation Reporter Appendix 1
Occupational diseases listed in schedule B – #26.01 section 6(4) Appendix 2
This appendix has been deleted Appendix 3
Permanent disability evaluation schedule Appendix 4
Formulae for recalculating pensions under items 24 – #46.02 Appendix 5
Maximum fines for committing offences under the Act Appendix 6
This appendix has been deleted Appendix 7
Reference index Reference index

Update package for the RS&CM, Volume II

The update packages include all individual replacement pages required to keep your printed RS&CM, Volume II up to date.

Archived versions of the RS&CM, Volume II are also available.