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Specific Priorities/Systematic Reviews

These funding programs are designed to address operational need and help answer key questions in occupational health and safety and workers' compensation. These grants support short-term, primary and secondary research of immediate relevance. This research gives us the strongest scientific evidence to use when developing policy and practice.

Who can apply

Qualified researchers based in (or formally affiliated with) a university or research institution, who have published studies related to the research questions, are encouraged to apply. Researchers worldwide are invited to apply for most competitions. It will be noted in the Request for Proposals (RFP) if the Principal Applicant must be affiliated with a Canadian university.

Funding and duration

All standard terms and conditions apply to projects funded through Research Services. Please refer to the General Guidelines and Conditions for details.

Funding opportunities

We generally issue RFPs in the Fall and Spring. To learn about new opportunities, you can check this page regularly or sign up to receive automatic email notifications.

Analytical sampling methods for ACGIH TLV substances

Application form due: July 16, 2021, at 4 p.m. PDT

Concussions and cognitive dysfunction

Application form due: July 16, 2021, at 4 p.m. PDT

Required forms:

Due to COVID-19, we only require electronic submissions at this time.


Recently funded projects - Specific Priorities

Award Recipient Title of Project Organization Award Amount
Colin Collins Blood-Based Screening and Personalized Treatment of Malignant Mesothelioma
View report
University of British Columbia $150,000
Edward Park Wearable Lower Limb Exoskeleton as a Walking Assistance Tool After Spinal Cord Injury
View report
Simon Fraser University $150,000
Principal Investigator Project Title Institution Funding Amount
Hugh Davies The Canadian Workplace Exposure Database
View report
UBC $50,000
Paul Demers Mesothelioma epidemiology and prognosis
View report
Cancer Care Ontario $49,300
Drew Dawson Fatigue and the impact on health and safety risk in the workplace Central Queensland University $103,345
Aviroop Biswas Do work exposures differ for men and women? Do similar work exposures result in different health outcomes for men and women? Institute for Work and Health $76,091
Ron Saunders What is the extent and nature of claim suppression in BC? Institute for Work and Health $148,450
Mieke Koehoorn Earning outcomes for men and women following a workers’ compensation claim for permanent partial impairment UBC $223,624
Principal Investigator Project Title Institution Funding Amount
Tony Bi To elucidate how compressed air cleaning systems are charged electrostatically and the impact of operating conditions on the charge generation and accumulation UBC $80,000
Principal Investigator Project Title Institution Funding Amount
Jean-Francois Gingras Under what conditions is mechanical harvesting going to be a safer alternative to manual tree falling in BC? FPInnovations $89,496
Principal Investigator(s) Project Title Institution Funding Amount
George Astrakianakis & Christopher McLeod Leading and Lagging Indicators for the Evaluation of Violence Prevention in Healthcare University of British Columbia $162,654
Noah Silverberg Why is return to work often delayed after workplace mild traumatic brain injury? University of British Columbia $107,244
Byron Gates Establishing the Potential for Exposure to Nanomaterials in the Workplace through Contact Transfer Simon Fraser University $45,000