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Funding program

We provide funding for occupational health and safety academic study and practical, innovative projects through four different grant streams.

Our Research Grants Program consists of the following funding streams:

  • Research Training Awards: Supporting graduate students at the master’s and doctoral level, with a focus on occupational health and safety
  • Ralph McGinn Postdoctoral Fellowship: Supporting doctoral graduates training for careers as academic researchers
  • Innovation: Supporting Canadian researchers to bring novel occupational health and safety ideas to reality
    • Applied Innovation: Supporting research projects leading to practical solutions in the workplace
      • Proof of Principle and Prototyping: A funding stream within Applied Innovation that supports early-stage tools and technology projects that solve practical workplace problems
    • Exploratory Research: Supporting the exploration of occupational health and safety and work disability challenges through a new lens, bringing together non-traditional disciplines to create bold and lasting effects
  • Specific Priorities/Systematic Reviews: Supporting research of immediate relevance that addresses key questions in occupational health and safety

You can see all funding program information, including application information, on the applicable grant program pages. For competition deadlines, see the grant schedules on the Research opportunities page.