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Early Access to Physiotherapy Program (EAPP)

The Early Access to Physiotherapy Program (EAPP) provides workers who have sustained a sprain or strain injury at work with access to a physiotherapist as early as the day of their injury.

Through the program, employers who have met the requirements of the EAPP can partner with a physiotherapy clinic (or clinics) in their area. The partner clinic will assess and treat injured workers who have suffered soft-tissue strains and sprains, with the goal of helping workers stay at work and recover on the job.

In order to provide EAPP services, you must first have a physiotherapy contract with WorkSafeBC. The EAPP is an additional service to the physiotherapy contract and you can apply for the EAPP amendment when you apply for the physiotherapy contract.

Program benefits

The program is designed to reduce the time that injured workers wait to receive their initial functional abilities assessment and treatment following a workplace injury. When the employer and physiotherapist work together to identify appropriate modified duties, it allows the worker to safely return to the workplace.

Research shows that workers who return to work and stay connected to their job and co-workers recover faster. This allows them to get back to their regular duties sooner, and decreases the chance of re-injury.

How can my clinic participate in the program?

To participate, your clinic must be pre-approved by WorkSafeBC (by submitting a Vendor Application Form for EAPP via the Supplier Portal) and selected as a partner by an employer that is offering early access to physiotherapy as part of their recovery-at work program. Employers can work with any physiotherapy clinics who are pre-approved as an EAPP provider.

Once your clinic has been pre-approved, please let any employers who may have previously contacted you about an EAPP partnership know that you are now approved, and work with them to finalize a partnership.

How the program works

  1. If a worker sustains a soft-tissue strain or sprain at work, they report their injury to their supervisor or first aid attendant and start a claim with WorkSafeBC.
  2. The employer refers the worker for an initial assessment (covered by WorkSafeBC) with their partner physiotherapy clinic within 72 hours of injury.
  3. The partner physiotherapy clinic performs an initial assessment, including a functional abilities assessment, to determine the worker’s ability to perform modified duties.
  4. The employer offers modified work duties to the injured worker and the worker returns to his or her job during recovery, supported by the partner physiotherapist clinic if necessary.

Other services you can provide

Once a worker has an accepted claim with WorkSafeBC, a partner clinic can provide ongoing support at the employer’s workplace, in the form of coaching and mentoring, to facilitate the worker’s modified work plan. This support can be provided by either a physiotherapist or a kinesiologist working under the direction of the treating physiotherapist.

EAPP fee schedule

Our EAPP fee schedules set out the rates we pay for your services. Please be sure to invoice us using the correct fee codes to enable us to pay you sooner.

Submitting reports and invoices

When you’re partnered with an employer and treating injured workers as part of the EAPP, please follow the procedures for contracted providers when reporting, invoicing, and checking payment status.

Need more information?

We want to make sure you have all the information you need to work with us as a health care provider. If you have questions, please contact us for help. You can also download a copy of our contact information.

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