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Early access to physiotherapy

The Early Access to Physiotherapy Program (EAPP) provides workers who have sustained a sprain or strain injury at work with expedited access to an EAPP physiotherapist, as early as the day of injury.

Through the program, employers who have met the requirements of the EAPP can partner with a physiotherapy clinic (or clinics) in their area. The partner clinic will assess and treat injured workers who have suffered soft-tissue strains and sprains, with the goal of helping workers stay at work and recover on the job.

The program can help you maintain productivity, retain experienced workers, reduce your costs, and increase engagement and trust with your workers. By encouraging and providing appropriate support for injured workers to recover on the job, you're investing into the long-term success and sustainability of both your business and your workers.

To participate in the EAPP:

  1. Your workplace must have an active Injury Management Program that includes modified work duties offered on the day of injury.
  2. You must complete an Employer Criteria Checklist to determine if your company meets the requirements to begin using this EAPP program.
  3. If your workplace meets the requirements of the EAPP, you can select a pre-approved EAPP physiotherapy clinic (or clinics) to set up a provider agreement and partnership.

To learn more about the program, see Early Access to Physiotherapy Program and the EAPP Principles of Agreement.

Have questions?

Please contact the Employer RTW Programs Support Line by phone at 604.279.8155 (toll-free at 1.877.633.6233) or send an email.