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How health care providers report a workplace injury or disease

When a person comes to you for initial treatment of a work-related injury or disease, we need to know about it. Be sure to report to us within three days of treating an injured worker for the first time. If you'd like you can check the status of the worker's claim with us online.

Making your report

Health care providers must use forms that are specific to their practice.

To know which form to use, you can look up your service. Physicians can use the report below: 

Make a Physician's Report

Your report should be made within three business days of first seeing an injured worker. Please be sure to fill out your forms completely. Any missing information can delay your payment.

When you first see injured workers, be sure to ask whether they have reported their injury to us. If they haven't, please remind them to contact us if they miss time from work.

Checking a worker's claim status

If the injured worker you treat has filed a report, you can check the claim status online. This will tell you whether we have made a decision on the worker's claim. It will also tell you what health care services we have approved.

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Your responsibilities

Your initial examination and treatment starts injured workers on the path to recovery. You're a partner in that process. You can help workers get safely back to work by:

  • Sharing with workers your recommendations about medically suitable tasks and activities for them
  • Telling employers and our staff how we can safely accommodate the worker's recovery at work
  • Explaining to workers what they are to do to help with their own recovery
  • Setting recovery timelines that reflect the worker's specific needs
  • Identifying the earliest date for a safe return to work and the target date for a return to full duties
  • Monitoring workers' progress