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Out-of-province claims

When workers are injured outside the province in which they normally work and live, they may still be eligible for benefits. They may have a choice between applying for the benefits in their home province, or in the province where they were hurt.

Reporting your injury or illness

Typically, claims will be started in both the province you live in and the province where you were hurt. You should always report your injury or illness to us as soon as possible. Employers and health care providers will also make injury reports.

To report your injury, please contact our Teleclaim team.

Later, you may be able to choose whether you'd like to proceed with your claim with us or with the other province's worker's compensation board.

B.C. workers injured outside of B.C.

To apply for benefits in B.C., you must meet the following conditions:

  • You live in B.C.
  • Your usual place of employment is B.C.
  • Your length of time outside the province is less than 6 months
  • Your work inside and outside B.C. with the employer is continuous

Non-B.C. workers injured in B.C.

If you normally live outside of B.C. and are injured while working here, be sure to report your injury to us. You then have three months from the date of your injury to choose one of these two options:

  • Continue your claim with us if your employer has, or should have, coverage with us.
  • Continue your claim with the worker's compensation board in your home province. You will have to notify that workers' compensation board of your injury, if you haven't yet done so.

Out-of-province requirements for employers

If your business is not in B.C. but you have workers here, you may need our out-of-province coverage

Perhaps your business is in B.C. and you have workers outside of the province. If so, contact the workers' compensation board where your employees are working.

Need more information?

You can contact our claims team to get answers to your questions.