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Psychological health and safety at WorkSafeBC

What is psychological health and safety?

While physical health and safety is a familiar subject for most employers and workers, for some, psychological health and safety in the workplace is new.

Psychological health and safety is embedded in the way people interact with one another on a daily basis, and is part of the way working conditions and management practices are structured and how decisions are made and communicated. (Source: Canadian Standards Association)

Our Mental Health Strategy

Our Mental Health Strategy outlines our overall approach to workplace psychological health and safety, both as the workplace regulator and administrator of the workers’ compensation system and as an employer. It also defines the terms we use when talking about psychological health and safety and provides the framework we will follow over the next few years.

Many of the plans outlined in the strategy will be shaped through active engagement with our stakeholders. We will take every opportunity to hear the concerns and needs of workers and employers — and to answer your questions. We will aim to raise awareness, educate, and provide resources and tools to help assess and address psychological risks in your workplace, just as we do for physical risks.

While many factors outside the workplace can affect psychological health and safety, our strategy addresses factors within the control, responsibility, or influence of the workplace. We’ve identified three key principles for employers when building a strong health and safety culture:

  1. Show leadership commitment.
  2. Develop supportive managers and supervisors.
  3. Ensure worker participation.

What is a psychological injury?

A psychological injury is a mental health condition, including mental disorders, especially when the mental health condition or disorder is thought to be caused by exposure to potentially psychologically traumatic events and other stressors. (Source: Canadian Institute for Public Safety Research and Treatment)

Psychological injuries can be prevented and treated effectively. Early awareness, access to resources and support, and appropriate and timely response can greatly reduce the impact of symptoms, promote mental well-being, and help people remain at work.


We’re building a new online psychological health and safety centre for workers and employers and will add resources as they are available.