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Our strategic plan

Our five-year strategic plan guides all of our activities. It helps us focus on our priorities and provides measurable standards for our performance. As part of our commitment to transparency, each year we publish our goals and the results we achieve in our annual report.

Our 2012-2017 strategic plan, called Safe Work & Outstanding Service, builds on past successes and provides direction for our operations. The plan helps us focus on achieving our organizational goals.

Strategic goals and results

As we put our strategic plan into action, we monitor and report our progress to our stakeholders. We track key performance indicators to measure our performance and promote accountability.

The table below shows our overall performance based on the main objectives set out in our strategic plan.

Key objective and performance indicator 2015 target 2015 result 2016 target 2016 result
Reduce the provincial injury rate (number of claims first accepted per 100 person-years of employment) 2.40 or less 2.23 2.30 or less 2.21
Improve return-to-work outcomes (percentage of workers returning to work within 26 weeks from injury date) 81% 82.6% 82% 82.7%
Improve return-to-work outcomes for workers in vocational rehabilitation (percentage of vocational rehabilitation clients who successfully return to work) 76% 81.0% 78% 80.6%
Improve timeliness of initial short-term disability payments (number of days from disablement date to first payment) 18 days 18.1 days 18 days 17.6 days
Improve injured workers' rating of overall experience (percentage who rate overall experience with us as good or very good) 77% 75% 77% 79%
Improve employers' rating of overall experience (percentage who rate overall experience with us as good or very good) 81% 83% 81% 82%
Raise public confidence (percentage who rate our work as somewhat positive or very positive) 90% 93% 90% 93%
Achieve 100% of the target asset level (actual asset value as a percentage of target asset level) 93% 100% 97% 99%
Control administration costs (administration costs per $100 of assessable employer payroll) $0.52 $0.49 $0.51 $0.49
Improve decision making throughout WorkSafeBC, ensuring consistency with legislation and policy (proportion of claim issues leading to overturned decisions due to error in application of law and/or policy) Review Division 2.0% or less 0.4% 2.0% or less 0.6%
Workers' Compensation Appeal Tribunal 2.5% or less 1.0% 2.5% or less 1.2%