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Employer Health & Safety Planning Tool Kit

Our secure, interactive Employer Health and Safety Planning Tool Kit helps employers learn about injuries and claims, compare their performance to their peers, identify trends, and plan health and safety initiatives for their workplaces. You can use the tools to see how adjustments in your health and safety and return-to-work initiatives can impact your injury and claims costs and the experience rating used to calculate your insurance premium.

The tool kit is of most benefit to employers — with 50 or more employees — who experience three or more time-loss claims a year.

What you'll find in the tool kit

The online tools show the following for your workplace:

  • Premium rates and forecasted experience rating
  • Injury rates and experience rating compared with others in your industry
  • Safety performance, in a snapshot
  • Injury and claim details
  • Industry risks
  • Return-to-work performance

You can share the tool kit data with your operational and business teams to estimate cost changes, help with financial planning and forecasting, and build changes into operational business plans.

By generating reports and data that help with financial planning and forecasting, the tool kit helps you understand what changes to include in your organization’s operational business plans.

To get an idea of the kind of data available from the tool kit, see the following sample reports you can generate with it.

Health and safety performance reports

Employer Report

The Employer Report provides ‘at-a-glance’ graphical information about your organization’s health and safety performance. The report is easily printable, so you can share the data at business and operational team meetings. The information will be of most benefit when your organization is thinking about how to prevent injuries, protect workers, and reduce claim costs and your WorkSafeBC insurance cost.

Occupational Health & Safety Information Summary

A summary of the prevention activities at your workplace, including inspection, is available in the Occupational Health & Safety Information Summary report. It shows you the most prevalent orders, and the location of those orders within your organization.

Enhanced features

Based on user feedback, we’ve updated many of the tools to make the data easier to understand and interpret. Read more about the enhanced features.

Log in to access your data

To access the tool kit, you’ll need an online services account. After you log in, under ‘Claims,’ select the Employer Health and Safety Planning Tool Kit. If it’s not shown, select ‘Add more services’ and follow the instructions.

Employer Health and Safety Planning Tool Kit

For additional assistance, please contact our Technical Support team.