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We have calculators that will help employers understand and estimate some of the health and safety costs related to workplace injuries and illnesses.

Our Workplace Incident Cost Calculator shows the direct and indirect costs employers may face due to a work-related injury in a variety of industries. For example, if a worker breaks a limb while at work, the employer will be responsible for costs related to:

  • Investigating the incident
  • Replacing the worker
  • Repairing property and equipment damage

This calculator provides you with sample scenarios, as well as the option of creating your own, to view workplace incident costs.

Workplace Incident Cost Calculator

This calculator helps new employers estimate their insurance premiums before signing up for coverage.

Established employers can use the Experience Rating Calculator in the Employer Safety Planning Tool Kit to see how changes in payroll or claim costs may affect their rating for upcoming years. You'll need your payroll and classification unit information to use this calculator.

Experience Rating Calculator