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Access to information

All information we hold is subject to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA). This law allows you to request copies of certain types of information. Most information you request can be provided for free.

Online claim file access

If you have a claim with us you can view claim information directly and securely online.

Requesting a copy of your claim file

If you or your representative (such as a spouse, parent, or adviser) require a copy of your claim file, you may request this by filling out a Request for Disclosure form. If your representative makes the request, we'll also need a signed consent letter from you providing authorization for the representative to act on your behalf.

Employers only have a right to access a claim file when they are involved in a review or appeal of a decision on a claim.

Access to other records

If you would like a copy of information other than a claim file, your first step is to contact us at the appropriate department. If the department cannot provide the information, you can mail or fax a request for access to records form to our Freedom of Information office.

Limits to access

There are times when we are not able to provide access to certain information. This includes instances where a record contains personal information about another person, where there is an on-going investigation, or when the records do not, or no longer, exist in our organization.

We also aren't able to give you access to confidential business information. To be classified as confidential business information, all of the following criteria must be met:

  • The information must be trade secrets, or commercial, financial, labour relations, scientific, or technical information
  • The information must be supplied implicitly or explicitly in confidence
  • The disclosure must reasonably be expected to significantly harm the competitive position of the business

In addition, we may be required to withhold information about small firms in cases where disclosure may reveal personal information about the owner or employees

We are permitted to disclose details of orders issued against a firm and the number or amounts of any penalties imposed. This information is not considered to be confidential business information under FIPPA, and sharing this information is consistent with our mandate to promote workplace health and safety.

Cost for accessing records

We don't charge a fee to provide you with access to your personal information. However, if you make a request under FIPPA for records that are not your personal information, you may need to pay a fee. If a fee applies, we will provide you with a cost estimate first.

Other data available without a request for access under FIPPA

You can search for administrative penalties imposed on employers who have violated the Workers Compensation Act, the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation, or WorkSafeBC orders. 

Our statistics and interactive tools are also available to build your understanding of the causes and patterns of work-related injuries, disease, and death in B.C.

You can also see a list of the categories of records that are easily available.