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Class 1-4 commercial driver training

When helping injured workers return to work, our Vocational Rehabilitation Services team may refer them for Class 1-4 commercial driver training. We enter into long-term contracts with qualified training providers.

Class 1-4 commercial driver training service

Our vocational rehabilitation consultants refer clients to you for this service. The referral is our approval for you to provide the service.

Clients who are referred to you require formal commercial driver training, or related courses, to upgrade their skills or get their licences in classes 1 to 4. The training you provide must meet all required provincial and national standards.

Learn about becoming a VR provider.

Submitting reports

You are required to submit reports as outlined in the contract. Please use our Vocational Rehabilitation Services Sponsored Training Update - School/Training Facility (Form 65D25).

You can mail or fax your reports to us. The mailing address and fax number appear at the top of our forms.

Learn about invoicing for contracted services.