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Becoming a vocational rehabilitation provider

We partner with a variety of service providers to help injured workers safely return to suitable long-term employment. Providers of certain services become part of our external provider network and have a contract with us. We purchase other goods and services on a case-by-case basis.

Becoming part of our contractor network

Through our vocational rehabilitation external provider network we have contracts in place for the following services:

  • Job search support services
  • Vocational interest and aptitude testing
  • Psychological-vocational assessment
  • Commercial driver/HEO assessment
  • Class 1-4 commercial driver training
  • Business feasibility study

Our long-term contracts come up for bidding every few years. To become part of our network of contractors, you need to apply when the bidding process begins. We post bid opportunities and also use BC Bid when contracts come up. You'll find all the information you need to submit your bid in the tender documents.

Through bid opportunities, you can also sign up to receive an email notification whenever one of these contracts is posted.

Look for bid opportunities

If you have questions about the bidding process, contact our Purchasing Department team.

Becoming a provider outside of our contractor network

For goods and services that don't fall under one of our contracts, our vocational rehabilitation consultants approve purchases on a case-by-case basis. Providers are selected based on a number of factors, including worker's needs, preferences, and location. Our consultants must approve these purchases before the services or goods are provided.

We have three categories of goods and services that fall outside of our contractor network. They are:

In some cases, injured workers who can't return to their previous jobs may need training to help them return to suitable work. If so, we may authorize training or educational organizations to provide full-time or part-time trades training, technical training, or academic studies.

There's no formal application process for providing training or educational services to us. You just have to be a recognized training program or school.

If we sponsor our client to attend your training program or school, we'll send you a letter explaining the nature and limits of our sponsorship. The letter will also provide all the information you need to submit a valid invoice.

When we require a service not contracted under our vocational rehabilitation external provider network, or provided by a recognized training or educational institution, we call it a third-party service. These services might include school and training assessments, worksite modifications, ergonomic assessments, or other specialized assessments or services.

We authorize these services through third-party agreements that set out the terms and conditions for service providers.

To be eligible to provide services for us, providers must be registered for WorkSafeBC coverage and in good standing.

As part of a return-to-work plan, our clients may need specific items such as training-related books or supplies, computers and related supplies, personal protective equipment, tools, ergonomic equipment, or aids and equipment.

In these cases, we send the appropriate vendor a letter that allows them to supply the item to the client directly and then invoice us.

How to tell us about the services you offer

To be fair and consistent with all of our providers, Vocational Rehabilitation Services asks that you not market your non-contracted goods and services to our staff. Instead, we will gladly share your informational or promotional material with our vocational rehabilitation consultants. Please send your material to our central mailbox at