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Business feasibility study

On occasion, we may provide an injured worker with funds to offset some of the costs associated with starting or enhancing a viable business. To support that decision, we may refer the client for a business feasibility study. We enter into long-term contracts with providers of this service.

Business feasibility study services

Clients who are referred to you for business feasibility studies must meet certain criteria. They must have prior business experience and present a business plan to us that we deem potentially viable.

As part of this service, you'll gather additional information to assess the viability of the proposed business and the worker's suitability for the venture.

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Submitting reports

Providers of business feasibility studies must send us a report evaluating the viability of the proposed business. Please use our Vocational Rehabilitation Services Business Start-up Enhancement Service Report Cover Sheet (Form 65D56). You will need to refer to the contract you sign with us for specifics about what to include in the report and how to submit it.

You can mail or fax your report to us at the address or fax number appearing at the top of our report cover sheet.

Please note that we can't process your invoice until we've received your report.

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