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Concussion & vestibular physiotherapy services (contracted)

In order to provide concussion and vestibular physiotherapy (CVPT) services for injured workers with concussions and/or vestibular injuries, you must have a contract with WorkSafeBC. If you do not have a contract, learn how to become a contracted CVPT provider.

Concussion and vestibular physiotherapy guidelines

The intent of the CVPT treatment model is to provide workers who have a confirmed or suspected work-related concussion and/or vestibular condition, access to evidence-based assessment and treatment from a qualified physiotherapist. As a contracted physiotherapist with us, you’ll help injured workers return to their pre-injury work in a safe, timely, and durable manner.

You'll find more information about our guidelines in our Concussion and Vestibular Physiotherapy Services Agreement and Concussion and Vestibular Physiotherapy Services Reference Manual.

Checking a worker's claim status

To perform an initial assessment and provide CVPT treatment, you must have claim owner approval and the claim must be accepted by us.

You can check claim status online, using the link below.

View Claim Status

You can also check claim status by calling our Teleclaim team.

Concussion and vestibular physiotherapy fee schedule

Our fee schedule sets out the rates we pay for your services. Please be sure to invoice us using the correct fee codes to enable us to pay you sooner.

Concussion and vestibular physiotherapy treatment reports

Here are the forms you’ll need:

Submitting reports and invoices

You can submit your invoices to us through Teleplan or My Provider Services. To submit reports, please use our report templates and submit them either through our document uploader or My Provider Services, depending on how you've submitted your invoice. 


If you’re using Teleplan, please use our document uploader to send your reports. All of your invoices should continue to be processed through Teleplan.

Once you've billed us you can check your payment status online.

Check Invoice Status

If you need more detailed invoice data, you can use My Provider Services, which allows you to filter invoices by date range, invoice number, or claim number.

My Provider Services

An alternative option is to submit your invoices and supporting documents to us through My Provider Services. You can also use our online services to save draft invoices, attach additional documents to your invoice, get confirmation when we receive an invoice, and see status and payment details.

To get started, you’ll need to set up an online services account with us. To learn more, watch this video for instructions on setting up your My Provider Services account.

Log in or create an account

All the information with what you need to submit is available in the contract documents you sign with us.

If you’re submitting a report not linked to an invoice, please use our document uploader.

Need more information?

We want to make sure you have all the information you need to work with us as a health care provider. If you have questions, please contact us for help. You can also download a copy of our contact information.

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