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Our mandate, vision, mission, goals & values

We are committed to creating a province free from workplace injury or illness, and to providing service driven by our core values of integrity, accountability, and innovation. By partnering with workers and employers, we help British Columbians come home from work safe every day.

Our organization was established by provincial legislation as an agency with the mandate to oversee a no-fault insurance system for the workplace.

We partner with employers and workers in B.C. to do the following:
  • Promote the prevention of workplace injury, illness, and disease
  • Rehabilitate those who are injured, and provide timely return to work
  • Provide fair compensation to replace workers' loss of wages while recovering from injuries
  • Ensure sound financial management for a viable workers' compensation system
British Columbians free from workplace injury, disease, and death.
  • Champion safe and healthy workplaces
  • Save lives and prevent injury and disability
  • Deliver outstanding service to workers and employers
  • Provide and support excellent medical and rehabilitative care to workers
  • Preserve the financial integrity and sustainability of the compensation system
  • Learn, lead, and share
  • Foster the improvement of occupational health and safety in workplaces and communities
  • Improve service to stakeholders by:
    • Improving return-to-work outcomes, disability prevention, overall customer service, accessibility, and public confidence
    • Improving adjudicative decision-making throughout the organization, ensuring stakeholders receive their full legal entitlements
  • Maintain the cost-effectiveness and accountability of the services we deliver
  • Maintain financial security, sustainability, and stability

As an organization and as individuals, we make decisions and take action based on these values:

  • Service
  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Partnership
  • Innovation