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Whether you’re an independent contractor working on a home improvement project, or part of a construction crew about to do an excavation, remember to click or call BC 1 Call before breaking ground.

You must click or call in advance to request the location of underground gas and other utility lines on the property. Doing so could help you avoid safety hazards and costly repairs if you were to damage a buried gas or other utility line.

When you contact BC 1 Call, you’ll need the following information:

  • Your name and contact information
  • The exact location of your planned excavation
  • How deep will you be digging?
  • When do you plan to begin work?
  • Are you digging on public or private property, or both?
  • Where on the property will you be digging?

There are no charges or costs to you for anything associated with this process.

Click or call BC 1 Call today.

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