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Commercial driver and HEO assessment

As part of helping injured workers return to work, our Vocational Rehabilitation Services team may refer clients for commercial driver or heavy equipment operator (HEO) assessments. We enter into long-term contracts with providers of these services. As part of the contract, we require a specific report before making payment.

Description of services

Our contracted commercial driver and HEO assessment service providers evaluate clients' functional capacity to train, and be employed, as commercial drivers or heavy equipment operators.

Clients are assessed while operating a commercial vehicle or piece of heavy equipment, and while performing other job-related activities.

Learn about becoming a VR provider.

Submitting reports

Our vocational rehabilitation consultants refer clients to you for this assessment. The referral is our approval for you to provide the service.

Once you've completed the assessment, we'll need a full report of your findings. Please use our Provider Portal to submit your report, using the code 65B108. You will need to refer to the contract you sign with us for specifics about what to include in the report and how to submit it.

Please note that we can't process your invoice until we've received your report.

Learn about invoicing for contracted services.