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After you submit a review

Once you submit your request for review, you will receive a copy of the WorkSafeBC file and have an opportunity to provide additional information supporting your request.

Gathering information for the review

In most cases, when we conduct a review, it will involve reading the WorkSafeBC file and any written submissions from the parties to the review. We may ask for additional information from the parties involved, or from a witness or expert. In limited circumstances, we may ask all parties to come in for a hearing to present evidence in person.

Any information other parties provide will be shared with you.

Conducting the review

Once we have gathered all the information that is needed, a review officer will be assigned to conduct the review.

The review officer will decide how to conduct the review and if any additional information is required. After looking at all the information, the review officer will send you a decision that outlines the outcome of your review and the reasons.

Appealing the review decision

In most cases, if you disagree with the review decision, you can appeal it to the Workers’ Compensation Appeal Tribunal (WCAT). A notice of appeal must be submitted to WCAT within 30 days after a review decision is made.

If your review concerns one of the following, the review decision is final and you cannot appeal to WCAT:

  • Decision to deny an extension-of-time to file a late review
  • Prevention orders related to violations of the Workers Compensation Act and/or Occupational Health and Safety Regulation
  • Vocational rehabilitation matters
  • Certain permanent disability awards

Need advice?

Whether an employer or worker, if you have questions or need help at any time during the review or appeal process, you can get advice free of charge from the following independent organizations: